How to Engage with Employers, On-Campus Recruiting & Job Boards

Over the course of a school year, you will get the opportunity to meet corporate representatives through on-campus interviewing, resume postings, networking mix-and-mingles, guest lectures, and corporate visits, that is if you choose to participate in Career Center-hosted employer activities.  Your participation is completely voluntary, although we would encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities which you may not get so readily if you were not in an MBA program.


Every Jenkins MBA who wants access to the Jenkins MBA on-campus recruiting process, needs to satisfy minimum requirements to demonstrate they can favorably represent the NC State Jenkins Brand as well as their personal brand.

In order to gain access, you must:


  1. Complete the Careerleader MBA career assessment tool and submit the results, or you may submit the results of any other career assessment of your choosing

  2. Submit your résumé in an accomplishment-based Jenkins MBA format

  3. Read and sign the Jenkins CMC renege and event no-show policies

  4. Meet with a career coach to discuss your career goals

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