Career Resources Available to All Working Professional MBAs


“What resources do I have as a Professional MBA?” is one of the most frequently asked questions of the CMC. We know that the career management needs for a Professional MBA can may be more varied than they are for a full-time MBA. While almost all full-time MBAs quit a job to find a job, most Professional MBAs are gainfully employed. Their career needs tend to be broader than “find a new job”.

Career Coaching


Executive career coaches are available for one-on-one coaching during the day and evening, six days a week.  Coaches are available in-person in Nelson Hall and at the Jenkins MBA campus, and virtually. Coaching topics range from personal branding to interview preparation to salary negotiation  Coaches will provide guidance on:


  • Job search strategies

  • Internal promotion strategies

  • MBA professional resume reviews

  • Assessment debriefs

  • Interview Preparation


Webinars, Learning Lab Workshops, and Panel Discussions


Career Management Webinars - The Career Center hosts regularly scheduled career webinars for the convenience of Evening and Online MBAs.  These webinars are video-recorded for 24/7 review by all students. Topics are relevant for career accelerators, career changers, and career explorers.


Saturday Learning Labs - Saturday learning labs give students the opportunity to practice lessons learned from the webinars.  


Executive Recruiter Panels – Once a year, the Career Center hosts a panel of executive recruiters.  This panel gives students exposure to different recruiting firms and gives students the opportunity to learn how to leverage firms in their career management.


Virtual Resources and Tools


The Career Center maintains a library of high-quality virtual materials covering management guidance, tools, and videos that are continuously updated.

 1. Assessment Tools

    a. CareerLeader self-assessment (used by 93% of leading MBA programs)

    b. StrengthsFinder 2.0 self-assessment


2. InterviewStream® interview preparation tool

3. Vault’s® CareerInsider™ MBA career guides and advice blogs


4. Beyond B-School MBA career topics video library


5. GoingGlobal – country-specific career information which includes corporate profiles, employer directories, and a directory of international job listings

Resources available to Working Professional MBAs eligible for

on-campus recruiting


On-campus recruiters who are interested in our MBAs typically look for candidates within 9 months of graduation.  To be actively engaged in our recruiting process, Working Professional students must submit a resume in the Jenkins Working Professional MBA format, complete a CareerLeader self-assessment, sign and return CMC renege and no-show policies, and meet with a career coach. Samples of resources:


1. 12Twenty MBA Jobs Board


2. Jenkins MBA Resume Database


3. Mix-and-Mingle Networking (local networking event)


4. Access to Jenkins MBA-sponsored career fairs


5. Access to on-campus company presentations, networking events and interview invitations

6. Employer treks (field trips to meet employers)

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