Select the appropriate documents based on student type to submit your resume for review.


Want a great score?

Download and read ALL the documents provided, especially the Template Style Guide and Guidelines and FAQs. Most errors that impact the rubric score are simple and can be avoided by following the specific requirements directed in these documents.

(This includes how to write numbers, dollars, etc., whether or not to use periods, not using articles such as a, an, the, and spacing requirements, etc. .... read the guidance carefully).

Use the resume template provided below (edit in your content, and maintain the template spacing per requirements). Submitted resumes that are not formatted in compliance with the approved template will not be reviewed. The resume will be immediately returned for correction and the student will need to resubmit in the proper format.


Strict adherence to format, spelling, grammar, and well-developed Problem-Action-Results (PAR) statements are necessary. The process for writing PAR statements is in the Guidelines and FAQs document. Apply your understanding of PAR statements by writing accomplishment-based bullets that include outcomes, results, benefits, and/or advantages of your actions.