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Create Brand Working Professionals


  • Select and download the appropriate documents AND resume template per your student type using the links on this page.

  • Plan for the efforts and time needed to meet the requirements well ahead of the review submission deadline. You will also need time to incorporate the review with revisions before your final version is turned in.

  • Develop your resume following all *guidance materials* provided.

  • Submit your resume for review using the submission form below.

  • Please note that your review will take place based on first-in-first-out; heavy volume (common near the submission deadline) will result in a longer turnaround. Please plan ahead and submit well before the deadline.

*Download, read, and incorporate into your resume ALL information found in materials prior to your review request submission:

  • Resume Template for your program

  • Style Guide &/or Guidelines & FAQs, Examples, Summary of Qualifications for your program

  • Reference the Rubric for your program for parameters on creating an effective resume




FORMATTING: While using the resume template for your program provided through the button below, maintain the integrity of the formatting with strict detail. (Submitted resumes that are not formatted in compliance with the approved template will be returned for resubmission in the proper format prior to a review).

CONTENT: Well-developed accomplishment statements are necessary, which effectively portray your value to business. Write achievement-based bullets that include impactful outcomes, results, benefits, and/or advantages of your actions. Quantify however and wherever possible.  Additionally, target your top section and experience content toward leadership qualifications.

Present your best scope of capabilities, impact on organizations, and attention to detail by adhering to best-in-class resume standards. 

  • Think deeper / farther on how you contributed value - do not write statements of tasks / responsibilities or as fragmented / incomplete from the action - problem or context - result structure. Position your personal brand as a qualified leader who has initiated positive change / improvements to the best of your ability.

  • Strict adherence to format, spelling, and grammar is required. Many errors are simple and can be avoided by following the specific requirements directed in these documents; read the guidance and samples carefully for details. (Examples: how to write numbers and dollars, excluding articles (a, an, the) and pronouns (my, their, our), as well as following spacing requirements).


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